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Nutritional Advice

Many health issues are caused from stress:  shoulder tension, back and muscular problems, breathing difficulties, headaches, sinistitis to cellulite problems, skin problems and insomnia, all these issues can be relieved and often cured with Aromatherapy.



Deena qualified as a holistic massage therapist in 1989 and with her enthusiasm for health and wellness she also qualified in Reflexology, Reiki, as a Pilates instructor and is on an advanced course of a nutritional degree.


With the wealth of knowledge she has built up over the years she can help and support your lifestyle choices to fulfill your potential of total wellbeing!

Reflexology is the ancient technique of applying skilled controlled pressure to the body's energy pathways where they surface in the feet. Achieves relaxation and healing

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of promoting relaxation and healing. Bringing 'lifeforce energy' to flow through the whole person which treats the body, emotional state of mind and spirit, creating many benificial effects, relaxation, feelings of peace, security and well being.

Deena can offer valuable nutritional advice, something she is passionate about. In a nutshell she can help you choose foods that are 'right for you' and avoid the foods that can cause you harm.  A simple truth!

During the last 25 years, along side my professional career as an actress, (best known as 'Viv' in Emmerdale) I have been running my own holistic therapy treatments whilst qualifying as a nutritionalist.


With so many conflicting views re diets, do's and don'ts,  I decided it was time to to gather together an interesting presentation and dispel the myths that

have grown over the years and hopefully enlighten people on how to become 'The Best and Healthiest You'.


I can find your 'Metabolic Type' and set up a personalised meal plan accordingly


Change your habits - Change your life!


Being 'informed' is the only way to make those life style changes that will enhance and fulfill your true potential!


Whether it's to lose weight or just have more energy!


For more information and to book my presentation please contact:

Deena Payne

M: 07971 560744

T: 01937 591255

E: deenapayne




N Yorkshire


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