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About Deena

Deena is giving

Dance Masterclasses at 

Kings Academy,

Queen Ehtelburga's


In 1988 I qualified as an Aromatherapist. Adding Reflexology and Reiki to my treatments soon after.


I worked around my 'showbiz' commitments and over a period of four years acquired over 160 very happy clients on my books.


In 1992 my son came along, followed by Emmerdale! Even so, I continued my practice whenever I had the opportunity.


Within the last three years I have taken an in depth course on "Holistic Nutrition" and loving it. With foundation course completed, I'm on to the advanced, only the diploma to go!


I studied Tarot just before my son was born and have dipped in and out of it ever since. I often use it with clients who want to find a' clearer path'. It's great!

The tarot never lies!

I am now a fully Qualified Pilates Instructor!




Deena (as co producer) has recently directed and choreographed the video promo for a new musical written by Steve Grant and John Cameron for

'Roll over Productions'

I'll set up the sewing machine and make curtains, cushions, odds and ends.


I love decorating and designing rooms, matching colours and making a house a homeTraveling, Love it!


Trains, boats, planes, cycling and walking.  Backpacked my way around Australia, Singapore, Malaysia,Thailand and the Philippines.


Married in Barbados, honeymoon in Seychelles. Traveled around the USA and cycled around Europe

I was 2 when I went to my first dance class and have been dancing ever since! It's my souls expression!


I trained at Arts Ed and I've danced on stage. TV, choreographed and taught. 

I love cooking because I love to eat good food!

Our kitchen is always a whirl of resourceful, experimental ideas, creating meals that are tasty, nutritious and fun.


Even the cats get home cooking! (cheap and healthy).


I've always used organic food,even before it became trendy and always have fresh vegetables and fruit to hand, because I love gardening! It runs in the family.


If the sun is out then so am I, tending to my country cottage garden, pottering in the greenhouse or reaping the rewards from the vegetable plot.


I grow everything from potatoes, runner beans to plums apples and blackberries. Paradise for me is walking into the kitchen loaded with home grown fresh produce.When the sun goes in and I have to go indoors,

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